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How to Choose Your 1st Dance Song

Posted by on May 5, 2020

(Even If You Don’t Have One) First Dance Wedding Couple 1st Dance Your wedding is a few weeks away and the leader of the band or your DJ wants to know what song you and your partner have chosen as your first dance together. You both think, “Oh no, we don’t have a particular song. How do we choose the right one?” Well don’t worry at all. Entertainment expert Danny Kramer is here to help...

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Your Love DESERVES a Live Band

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016

Bridal couples will often ask me why I think they should book a Live Band for their Wedding. In dealing with Weddings, I know that most Wedding couples start planning their special day sometimes more than a year in advance. They spend a huge amount of time and energy making sure that every detail will be exactly as they dreamed. From booking the perfect location to getting the best florist to...

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Friday Night: More Than Alright!!!!!

Posted by on Sep 27, 2014

Friday Night is More Than Alright Poor Friday. It’s so lonely. It laments, “What does Saturday have that I don’t have? I’m a weekend night too! I can offer everything that Saturday does, but no one seems to notice me.” Yes, poor Friday. This year in my band has been offered 27 separate events both Corporate Galas and Weddings which we could not do because we were already booked. Most of these...

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The Comets Tail

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014

A while ago while my band was back stage before a performance, the conversation came up about when we first picked up a musical instrument, or tried to sing. Virtually all of the musicians there started when they were very young, some as early as 4 years old. Some of my earliest memories are sitting at the piano with my father and playing the “chopsticks duet” with him.  (It seems that almost...

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Lynsey and Brendon’s Wedding Featured in Style Me Pretty

Posted by on Jun 10, 2014

We were so honoured to perform at Lynsey and Brendon’s wedding this last summer. It truly was a stunning event, so much so that it was featured in Style Me Pretty, a very prestigious national wedding blog. The whole event felt like something out of a movie as you will see in the photos on the Style Me Pretty page. Here is the link for you:...

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