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The award winning Danny Kramer Dance Band offers the best in Live Corporate Entertainment and Wedding Music in Canada. While they have performed for hundreds of Weddings they have also entertained at many of Manitoba’s most prestigious Galas and Fundraisers. Though as you can see in their videos they perform for huge events like a prestigious Grey Cup Gala and the biggest New Year’s Eve Party in Winnipeg, they can also scale down their show and entertain for smaller events and weddings. They have entertained events for as small as 80 people and put on an incredible show.

They are a premium customizable 4-14 piece band who offers high energy live music for weddings & corporate events, and private functions playing all your favourite songs – at a sensible price. They are live music experts, party starters, and wedding enthusiasts, who will PACK YOUR DANCE FLOOR and ensure that all ages will remember your event for years to come.

Now you can have this world-class act at your Wedding or Special Event.

Contact us to ensure you can book this phenomenal band to create an entertainment experience you, your family and friends will never forget.

Phone: 204-996-7664
Email: dannykramer1@gmail.com

The Musicians

The musicians in the Danny Kramer Dance Band are the best in the business. These are world class entertainers, who boast an extremely professional demeanour and whose only goal is to ensure that you and your guests have a night of music great that they will never forget.

The band is made up of:
Janine Gobeil: Vocalist
Luisa D’Abramo: Vocalist
Tammy Bargen: Vocalist
Rick Boughton: Keyboards, Sound Programmer, Trumpet
Jordan Jackiew: Keyboards, Sound Programmer, Audio Support
John Ervin: Bass
Ryan Cheung: Guitar
Murray Pulver: Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Roy: Drums, Vocals
Simon Christie: Trumpet
Walle Larsson (Speacial Guest): Saxophones
Ken Gold: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of your band?
5– 14 Piece Band

What music genre does your band play?
Music from the 40`s,50’s, 60’s R & B, 70’s Disco, 80’s Pop, 90’s Dance Hits and today’s Top 40.

What is your band’s usual attire?
We dress for the occasion. Usually Black suit, white shirt and black ties. We dress as the client would expect a top line band to appear.

Do you offer live recordings and video of your performances ?
Yes! This is very important. You can hear some of our live performances here.

Are you willing to learn songs that you do not currently know?
Yes. If there is a special song to be learned we discuss the needs with the client. My motto is” We will create whatever the client wants, from big to small.” Nothing is out of reach.

How much time do you usually need for setup?
I arrange set up with the banquet manager. We generally take 2 hours or more to set but we can get it done much faster is there is a quick turnaround. We have performed at almost all the main venues in the city and know the load in requirements very well.

How much space do you usually require?
This depends on the band size & venue. We have performed in extremely tight spaces and of course very large spaces. This is almost never an issue as I am able to configure the band from a straight back line, to a horse shoe shape, to a stack of 2 lines in front of each other. We can always make it work.

What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?
We have partnered with a fantastic lighting company allowing us to offer a phenomenal Light Show that will absolutely enhance your evening. Modern, and highly powerful,  this lighting package includes computerized moving lights like you see in concert or on TV, along with top quality L.E.D lighting effects, and extremely high quality haze. I cannot recommend this lighting highly enough as it will enhance your guests experience greatly. You never see any band of note, anywhere without great lighting.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you need a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
We are a Very low maintenance band, thus we do not require anything extra from the client. We perform a great deal of music in 4 hours. Usually at least 3 1/2 hours of live performance

Do you play recorded music during your break?
Yes. Music played from my IPod is free. The client can upgrade to the Band/DJ Combo and get a great mix during the breaks, with an emphasis on modern music.

What is your overtime rate?
This depends on band size, length of time etc. I will provide an extremely accurate overtime price list for the client if desired. There are never any surprise extra charges. Everything is always spelled out and contracted in advance.

Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?
Our travel rates vary for distance and band size. Once again I will offer the client an accurate cost for taking the band out of Winnipeg. This band will perform anywhere in the world.

Some of Our Clients

  • Kenora Yacht Club
  • The Manitoba Club
  • James Richardson & Sons
  • Shell Canada (National Convention)
  • Over 300 Weddings
  • Canadian Tire (National Convention)
  • The City of Winnipeg
  • St.Charles Country Club
  • Manitoba Lotteries
  • Breezy Bend Golf Course
  • Loblaws
  • The Children’s Wish Foundation Manitoba
  • Skate Canada (National Convention)
  • Brandon Rural Forum
  • Fort Garry Hotel 100 Year Anniversary
  • Brandon Chamber of Commerce
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Winnipeg Executives Association
  • Print Crafters
  • Partners in the Park Series
  • Hud Bay Inc.
  • RBC Convention Centre
  • Winnipeg’s main hospitals
  • St.Mary’s Academy 100 Year Gala
  • Winnipeg Realtors Association
  • University of Manitoba
  • Dancing Under the Canopy
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG)
  • Manitoba Human Rights Museum
  • The Casinos of Winnipeg
  • Nygard International
  • 100 Year Anniversary of the 1919 General Strike