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Danny Kramer’s Rock the Mic (Live Band Karaoke Experience) is simply the best Live Band Karaoke Experience in North America. No band has more songs, no band creates a more welcoming atmosphere, no band mentors and discreetly guides the singers more, and nobody offers the greatest opportunity to Sing With a Live Band in CONCERT in North America!

Danny Kramer’s Rock the Mic has welcomed thousands of singers to the stage.

This concert experience offers a list of almost 900 songs and while providing the lyrics is backed by a band made up of some of the best musicians in Canada. The singers from the audience provide the vocal talent. From Frank Sinatra to Billy Joel, Patsy Cline to Madonna, Standards to 80’s Rock, or Jazz to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, to Bruno Mars and Rihanna, this band plays it all.

Rock the Mic ( Live Band Karaoke) offers an AMAZING opportunity to the thousands of vocalists who’ve dreamed of being the lead singer in a REAL LIVE band.

Great for Corporate Events, House Parties, Team Building, Festivals, or even put on your own Concert. This band travels anywhere in the world.

Testimonial from a Rock The Mic Casino Patron

Holy Crap, That Was Pretty Much the Best Thing I’ve ever Seen.

I had never heard of “Rock the Mic” until tonight… I just happened to be at McPhillips Street Station Casino to meet a friend for a drink, and we heard the music… so I went upstairs… and was like… WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MAGIC?!

As a long-time karaoke-er/singer, my mind was blown. I was too in awe of the whole thing to sign up to sing (tonight) – and the list was probably full by the time I showed up – but I will someday soon.

I was blown away by how respectful, kind, and generous the band (and Danny in all his intro talk, etc.) was to every single singer – no matter how awesome/talented – or how ‘new to the stage’ they were. A total class act. Every single person who got a chance to sing was honoured and made to feel special. One lady started off not quite on key – and you guys turn it into “No worries, our fault, let’s restart”. SERIOUSLY?! Just CLASSY. Not letting her feel badly, not letting her lose face. SOOOO RESPECTFUL.

And the ridiculously awesome harmonies Danny provided never overshadowed the singer – never stole the spotlight (but nevertheless they really added SO much to the singer’s sound quality in some cases)… it was just incredible. I kept on looking over at my friend and going, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!”

We both thought.. FIRSTLY: how talented/professional do you have to be to just be able to play this many songs – essentially either learn a bazillion songs really well or have enough musical know-how and improve skills to sight-read sheet music that quickly – and SECONDLY, to be able to do such a wide variety of songs (What? Tennessee Waltz… and then Rihanna’s We Found Love?) and always SOUND THAT GOOD?!  I just have never seen anything like it.

I thought it was so fantastic how it was like a celebration of every person there – every person who sang… Awesome dancing… Killer evening. I’ll be back…

Thanks for making my night.

Sorry my email’s so rambly. LOL! This experience hit an emotional chord!